Plan Facts

Revised Expansion Plan

The Ricketts family and Chicago Cubs are submitting a revised expansion plan to the Commission on Chicago Landmarks that includes their original proposal to add several signs in the outfield, along with other new bleacher expansion features. The outfield signs and seats are an integral part of the overall plan, which contains many interrelated expansion features.

The revised restoration and expansion plan requiring Commission on Chicago Landmarks approval includes:

  • Additional seating and open spaces in the Budweiser Bleachers, including new group terraces in right and left field and enclosed hospitality areas. 
  • New outfield lights that will reduce shadows by allowing fly balls to be lit from both front and back. All lighting will be directed inside the ballpark and not outside to the community.
  • Four additional LED signs of up to 650 sq. ft. and one additional 2,400 sq. ft. videoboard in right field.

Other changes not requiring Commission on Chicago Landmarks approval include:

Player Facilities

To provide Cubs players with one of the best facilities in Major League Baseball, the team has made design modifications to the plan and is further expanding the Cubs clubhouse.  Currently, Cubs players utilize approximately 11,000 sq. ft. for game preparation.  The original expansion plan increased the clubhouse size to 19,000 sq. ft.  The new plan further expands the clubhouse to 30,000 sq. ft. and will be located beneath the new outdoor plaza. 

  • The visitor’s clubhouse is being expanded and improved.
  • The home and visiting bullpens will be relocated from the field to an area under the expanded Budweiser Bleachers, which will enhance player safety during on-field play.


  • The commissary space below the plaza will be expanded to ensure service levels are best-in-class and provide for the delivery of quality, fresh food to Cubs fans.

Left field Videoboard

  • The left field videoboard is being reduced in size to 3,990 sq. ft., smaller than the one approved by the City Council and the Commission on Chicago Landmarks in 2013.

The ballpark plans approved last year by the City of Chicago include:

  • Restoration of the historic façade of the ballpark, replacement of aging concrete and steel, addition of new club space and group amenities and increase restrooms and concessions throughout the ballpark.
    • 45 percent increase in point of sale locations along with a revamped concessions stand design.
    • 27 percent increase in restroom facilities for ballpark guests.
  • An office building at the north end of the Triangle property to house offices, meeting space, retail and food and beverage options.
  • An open-air plaza outside the ballpark with ability to continue hosting an ice rink in the winter and add farmers markets in the summer, family activities and other community events. This amenity has been applauded by members of the community and is consistent with a long-term vision to enhance Lake View.
  • A premium hotel, in partnership with Starwood, hosting 175 rooms, plus a 40,000-square-foot Chicago Athletic Club, retail and food and beverage options for fans and for the community throughout the year.
  • Free remote parking with shuttle bus service to the ballpark to help alleviate traffic congestion in the neighborhood.
  • Additional parking in the newly resurfaced parking lot on Grace St., 100 new spaces in the Cubs-owned parking lot on Eddy Street and 75 below-ground spaces in the new hotel.
  • City will allow use of sidewalk and one parking lane on Waveland Avenue (Sheffield to Clark), which will be incorporated into the ballpark
  • City will allow use of sidewalk and one parking lane on Sheffield Avenue (Addison to Waveland), which will be incorporated into the ballpark
  • New two-story retail and entertainment addition on Addison Street of at least 9,000 sq. ft. to replace the existing street-level restaurant.
  • New additions to the ballpark in left field and right field corners to allow more flexible space for Cubs fans, including connection points to bleachers and grandstands at height of current bleachers.
  • A ground floor restaurant in right field (an expanded version of the Sheffield Grill).
  • Batting tunnels will be added so hitters can warm up with live pitches.