Expansion Plan

Our vision for a restored and expanded Wrigley Field includes better facilities for players, more amenities for fans, more economic benefits and beautiful open air spaces around the ballpark.

The Plan: An Unprecedented Investment

The Wrigley Field restoration and expansion plan is the cornerstone of our efforts to bring a World Series Championship and a perennial contender to Chicago.

The Ricketts family will invest $500 million into the project, which will take four off-seasons to complete. The project will create approximately 2,100 jobs and generate $1.2 billion in net new revenue to the local economy over the next 30 years, as well as provide benefits to the neighborhood. It will preserve one of the top tourist attractions in the State of Illinois and ensure future generations of Cubs fans can enjoy the great tradition of baseball at Wrigley Field – all without asking taxpayers to subsidize the project.

We now plan to move forward with the project and are submitting a revised expansion plan to the Chicago Commission on Landmarks that includes our original proposal to add several signs in the outfield, along with other new expansion features.

The outfield signs are an integral part of the overall Master Plan, which contains many interrelated expansion features.  For example, the revised plan includes an expansion of the Budweiser Bleachers with additional seating and open spaces, new group terraces in right and left field and enclosed hospitality areas.  However, there will be no net addition to ballpark occupancy.  New outfield lights will also be added.

These revisions will complement last year’s approved changes to Wrigley Field, including restoration of the historic façade, replacement of aging concrete and steel, expanded player facilities, addition of new club space and group amenities and increased restrooms and concessions throughout the ballpark.

Building a winner for our fans can’t wait any longer and this plan will generate a significant amount of resources – without taxpayer dollars – to help this team win a World Series and give our fans a better ballpark to enjoy baseball.